The Objective of Writing an Essay

The Objective of Writing an Essay

Assignments are among the most important subjects to a student. It is essential to understand that writing an essay is like writing an article. It requires you to carry out extensive research and do a lot of drafting. It is essential to find out what writing an essay entails and learn how to make a good article. Remember, the first draft is what determines your overall grade of a paper. Therefore, you must create an article that will earn you better scores.

The essay structure is very important. It helps to organize your thoughts clearly and make them easy to understand. Apart from organizing your thoughts, an excellent essay will present the ideas logically. Here are some of the ways to follow when writing an excellent paper.


Your introduction should ideally be the first part of your paper. Remember, the point is to hook the professor to what is present in your paper. As a writer, it is advisable that you start your introduction with a hook. For instance, you can start with an interesting story that enables the reader to want to know more about your paper.

Make a good thesis statement that will enable your reader to have a reason to read your article. The thesis statement should be brief but will urge the reader to continue reading your article.

It would be best if you also included your dissertation title, subhead, and conclusion. These will tell the professor your thesis statement and tell him how you arrive at your conclusion.


This is the most extensive part of your paper. Here, you discuss the points you had covered in your introduction. Like in the introduction, you have a thesis statement to direct the reader to your rest of your writing.

The body will also contain several paragraphs. Each paragraph will start with a topic sentence. It helps to introduce the topic to your reader and defines it to the audience. The third argument can also be a topic sentence. Here, you state the strongest argument for your article.

The writer can also give opposite views on the topic. Besides, you will end with the strongest point as evidence that your writing is correct. Before starting the writing, you should understand the document’s instructions well. Your professor will be looking out for things such as presentation, terminology, vocabulary, and sentence structures. Remember, these are things that the professors expect from you.


It is a summary of what you had discussed in your paper. Like with any other essay, a thesis statement must be present in the conclusion. However, this time, you will place your thesis statement in a different paragraph. The conclusion should urge the reader on to read the next point or leave it be.

These are some of the tips to follow when writing an essay. The above are the basics that every student should know when writing an essay. Do not worry about writing your paper as they are easy to learn and apply.

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