How to Write a Bibliography

One of the aspects often overlooked by us students in the drafting of degree theses or short dissertations to prepare for some exams is the bibliography.

Well guys, know that the bibliography is one of the sections that the teachers look at in greater depth.

Imagine, in fact, the place of graduation: do you think the co-rapporteur will read your thesis line by line? Almost certainly not, but you can get an idea of ​​the content of your work starting from the bibliography (which will be analyzed in detail) and then browse through your thesis focusing on the aspects that you consider most interesting.

For this reason it is really important that the bibliography is made with care and attention and enriched with the greatest possible number of texts with which you have compared (or to which you have also given a quick glance) in view of the preparation of the thesis:

it is very important to create a valid selection of sources, proving to be compared with many documents on the subject.

How to compile a bibliography?

The works must be quoted alphabetically according to the author’s surname

When more works by the same author are to be mentioned, these must be listed in chronological order of publication. If in the same year there are more works by the same author, after the date a letter of the lower-case alphabet (a, b, etc.) must be placed.

First the works written by the author are written, then those edited in collaboration with others


Surname and first name of the author, year – indicated in brackets, title of the work (in italics), place of the edition, (possibly the publishing house).


Surname and first name of the author, year (indicated in brackets), title of the article (indicated in quotation marks “”), title of the magazine (in italics), place of publication, publisher, volume, number, starting page number and the final.

Book chapters, conference proceedings, essays in collective works

Surname and first name of the author, (year indicated in brackets), title of the essay or chapter, in the title of the collective work (in italics), name and surname editor, place of publication, publisher, volume number, starting page number and final

Quotes from the internet

Surname and name of the author, title of the article (in italics), available at the web address (www ……), consulted on: dd / mm / yyyy

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