How to Create a Fascinating Introduction for an Argumentative Piece

Applying the Ideal Introductions to Your Argumentative Paper

A successful argumentative piece is designed with a compelling introductory paragraph. Your introduction, as the first section that anyone will read, shouldpique their interest from the word go. The key to crafting this first paragraph is to ensure that it is catchy, rational, engaging, and precise. In other words, it should be succinct and thorough. It follows then that the introduction should provide a brief background to the essay topic and the thesis statement that is central to the write-up.

The first paragraph should have the power to capture the attention of the reader. To achieve this, you must be specific and matter-of-fact. The first section should then convince the reader that your write-up is worthwhile. Besides, you should avoid generalizing terms, showcasing unrealistic or anecdotal scenarios, or making broad claims that only rely on anecdotal evidence.

In addition, the introductory paragraph should provide a brief overview of the essay topic and the key points that will be explored throughout the piece. As a writer, it is crucial to remember that your introduction is a summation and not the conclusion of the paper. As such, it should not comprise any new points. Instead, it should constitute a summary of the central ideas and themes that the essay aims to answer.

As aforementioned, you must ensure that the introduction helps to form the research questions or arguments of the write-up. However, understand that it is not sufficient merely to give out the intent of the paper. The thesis statement is also one of the most crucial things that you need to bring to the table. Your introduction should then show how you intend to answer your arguments, not why you need to do so.

The next step is then to demonstrate that the thesis statement is what carries the entirety of your essay. Therefore, you must provide three parts to support your thesis statement. These three parts must be narrowly tailored to illustrate that the thesis statement carries the entirety of what the article is about.

The first part is likely to be the main argument of the write-up. Hence, you must show that your ideas are supported by evidence and a practical solution to the thesis statement’s observation. Achieving this requires you to offer a counterpoint that elaborates on the thesis statement and what the piece is trying to answer.

The next part is likely to be the testimonial paragraph. This part must show that you can give substantial evidence supporting your thesis statement’s main claim. You must also remind the reader or audience of the importance of the thesis statement and why it matters. Since this is an argumentative piece, you must be honest about not only your own view but why it is worth considering.

Lastly, the last section is the call to action or recommendation. In this part, you get to share what you would recommend that readers consider when reading the essay and encouraging them to take part in a similar endeavor. You must also be sure that these are the activities you recommend to others in the same position as you are. Ensure that you link your solutions to the thesis statement.

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