How to Do an Essay on Paraphrasing

Simple Steps to Know Your Writing Level If you want to paraphrase to death, you need to research as much as possible. Consider reading as many authors as possible to get an understanding of the style you are looking to apply. Note that a paraphrase is different from a direct paraphrase. These two methods are […]

Essay Structure

Essay Structure When writing any kind of academic essay, the essay structure plays an important role. Usually, essay writing centers around an introduction that provides a brief background of the topic. Then, the writer proceeds to present his or her opinions about the topic. Finally, after providing their essay’s thesis statement, the essayist completes the […]

What is an Argument Essay?

What is an Argument Essay? First of all, it is an argument to convince others that the teacher’s views are wrong and the methods that exist to achieve those aims. So while there are a few forms of argument, it is most common that when you are given an argument essay, you are supposed to […]