How to create an experimental thesis

The thesis is the culmination of a student’s university career. Generally, there are 2 types of thesis: the compilation and the experimental. The compiling degree thesis consists in gathering information from many sources, which will then be summarized and re-elaborated for the purposes of one’s own speech. But the information found for the thesis cannot […]

How to Write a Bibliography

One of the aspects often overlooked by us students in the drafting of degree theses or short dissertations to prepare for some exams is the bibliography. Well guys, know that the bibliography is one of the sections that the teachers look at in greater depth. Imagine, in fact, the place of graduation: do you think […]

The degree thesis index

Choosing the subject in which to graduate and agree with the teacher the title of his / her thesis is the goal to which every university student aims. Arrived, in fact, at this point the goal is now near and the achievement of the degree a concrete goal by now. Obviously the work to be […]